Serving Size: 12g Calories: 85 Protein: 4g Carbs: <1g

More super than most ‘Superfoods’ - recommended by neurologists and olympic trainers.

Our caviar is high in protein with vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes which many publications say:

  • Boosts brain function and memory

  • Promotes healthy skin, hair, and nails

  • Builds energy and libido

  • Aids muscle recovery

With a serving of Pearl Street Caviar, you will benefit from the following naturally-occurring nutrients: 

  • Vitamin A: Bone strength, healthy skin, strong teeth & good vision. Essential for healthy nervous system.

  • Vitamin B: Healthy skin, hair & nails. Regulates nervous systems and reduces depression.

  • Vitamin D: Protects teeth & bones.

  • Vitamin E: Skin & cell health.

  • Omega Fatty Acids: Heart health & cancer prevention. Regulates inflammation.

  • Magnesium & Potassium: Heart health and lower blood pressure.

  • Hemoglobin: Muscle & energy recovery. Carries oxygen in the blood.

  • Iron: Boosts hemoglobin formation.

  • Selenium: Reduces radical oxidative stress and helps antioxidant activity.

  • Arginine: Increases blood flow, immune stimulant & healing agent.

  • Electrolytes: Necessary for optimal hydration.

  • Acetylcholine: Aids in memory retention.