Caviar Nachos



  • Tortilla chips

  • Mozzarella

  • Chives

  • Tomato

  • Siberian Select Caviar

Step 1:

Turn on broiler.

Step 2:

Grate or finely chop the mozzarella. Make enough to completely cover desired quantity of chips. (1oz per 4 chips)

Step 3:

Place a single layer of chips (or not more than 2 layers) on a shallow baking sheet and sprinkle mozzarella and chopped chives evenly over the chips.

Step 4:

Place pan in boiler until cheese is completely melted and chips are golden brown, roughly 3 – 5 minutes.


Step 5:

Remove chips from pan and plate. (Turn off broiler.) Add finely chopped tomato and Siberian Select caviar (12g per 4 chips). Garnish with your favorite hot sauce.


Pearl Street