Caviar at the Beach


  • At least 15g of caviar per person.

  • A bottle of dry rose, sparkling white / champagne, cold sake, or some pilsners.

  • Something simple to accompany the caviar: potato chips, simple blinis. Just a spoon is also great.

  • Caviar delivery ice pack(s).

Note: the drier the accompanying drink the more I would lean towards Keluga over Siberian Select, but if you plan on bringing accompaniments on the heavier side, go with Siberian Select.

Step 1:

Put together a picnic bag arranged so that the caviar and booze are kept chilled.

Step 2: 

Take the A train to the Rockaways. Or any means of transportation to your favorite beach. 

Step 3:

Set up the picnic on a comparatively quiet section of beach and enjoy the company, caviar, drinks, and the sea!

Pearl Street