Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets

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Savor the moment. Pearl Street’s sustainable caviar has everything you need to elevate your game, every day.

Delicate and easy to love, Siberian Select is a 24/7 caviar — perfect for breakfast, a midnight snack, and everything in between — with a satisfyingly complex taste and a velvety finish as smooth as a finger roll at the rim.

Keluga is Pearl Street's superstar caviar, a sumptuous, triple threat on your tongue: buttery in texture, rich in flavor and feather light to touch. With hints of hazelnut and a glittery gold hue, Keluga delivers in crunch time, every time, with style and substance, boldness and charm.

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Every order includes a Tin Opener, Mother of Pearl Spoon, and a Little Pouch.

  • 28.3g = 1oz Slim 12g: personal size, Classic 30g: 1 - 3 people, Big 125g: party size

  • Stays fresh unopened in refrigerator for up to six weeks

  • Lightly salted (low sodium) & No preservatives

  • Sustainably harvested and shipped direct for freshness, transparency, and value

  • Sourced from an open-pen aqua farm in the HuaiYu Mountains

  • Species: Huso/Shrencki

Request delivery date, or orders placed before 5pm Eastern Monday - Thursday are delivered Next Day, nationwide. Orders placed on Friday will ship the following business day or be delivered Saturday by request. Please inquire at pearl@pearlstreetcaviar.com for Saturday and same-day delivery.

Sustainability is our focus. Shipments come packed in recycled wool-lined soft bags with recyclable ice packs; reuse them in a lunchbox, for a picnic, or on a sore knee.