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Keluga is a special caviar, with a lot to admire: plump pearls, glittery gold in hue and buttery in texture; richly flavored, but feather light on your tongue, with subtly sweet notes of hazelnut; a sumptuous finish that lingers on your mind. Produced from carnivorous sturgeon native to the Amur River, this caviar does everything: style and substance, boldness and charm.

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Every order includes a Tin Opener, Mother of Pearl Spoon, and a Little Pouch.

  • 28.3g = 1oz Slim 12g: personal size, Classic 30g: 1 - 3 people, Big 125g: party size

  • Stays fresh unopened in refrigerator for up to six weeks

  • Lightly salted (low sodium) & No preservatives

  • Sustainably harvested and shipped direct for freshness, transparency, and value

  • Sourced from an open-pen aqua farm in the HuaiYu Mountains

  • Species: Huso/Shrencki

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Sustainability is our focus. Shipments come packed in recycled wool-lined soft bags with recyclable ice packs; reuse them in a lunchbox, for a picnic, or on a sore knee.